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 Here you will find links for everything from guided fishing trips to computer parts.  These are just a few of the sites that help me get by on a daily basis.

bulletCaptain Cook Charters
bulletCaptain Larry Cook is a Striper guide who fishes from Boston to Cape Cod bay.  Oh and did I mention he is also my father.
bulletOn Cranberry Pond
bulletThis is the best Bed and Breakfast on the south shore.  Run by my In-laws they provide everything from breath taking scenery to great conversations.
bulletDerek S Smith
bulletAh, who an go wrong with a great family website.  Although, I think the family is growing faster than the web site.
bulletMy personal favorite for searching the web.
bulletMajor Geeks
bulletOne of the best web sites for finding software and tools for getting things done.
bulletNew Egg
bulletShopping for computer parts and supplies?  Try here.
bulletPeanut Butter Jelly Time
bulletYour just going to have to try it and see!
bulletRabbit's Page
bulletBe careful with this page you just never know what this kid is going to post next!
bulletCuz'n Jay's Page
bulletSee what comes next as Jay's myspace page becomes one of the great pages that myspace can offer.!
bullet442 Center St.












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