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Welcome to my Web site!

This is a learning experience for me, day by day I either think of or find something new to add to this site.  You will see things change every once in a while sometimes large changes and other times you may not even notice.


This is just a thought.  It's not for anyone or against anyone.


I would like to live in a day!

     I would like to live in a day when people do what's best, not just what is in their best interest.  A day when a lawyer is useless because people understand their actions.  A day when you are actually responsible for what you do. 

     I would like to live in a day when your kids are just that, yours.  Take responsibility for them, teach them, give them morals, help them to learn, help them to grow.  Don't use them as an excuse or expect that someone else will do it for you.  And on the flip side don't use your parents as an excuse as to why your life went wrong.  You make the choice everyday to get up and live your life.  So make the choice to take responsibility for your own actions.  You are in this world the same as everyone else, trying to make it through everyday.  Sometimes you make the wrong choice or someone else does, but stand up and fix it or stand up and ask the other person if that's the best choice.  It is sad that people can't stand up and voice their opinions because they are afraid of everyone else rejecting them or their thought.  It is sad that we create rules and laws to protect us but yet we use those rules and laws against someone else to get what we want, not what we deserve.

     I would like to live in a day when people got to work to better their society instead of to make a buck.  A day when a politician say's "Yes I did that and I am sorry it was a mistake, lets fix it."  A day when a teacher goes to school because they want to better the world of tomorrow.  A day when the news is about something good that happened.  A day when people share info, work together, do what's best for the company and the world around them.

     I would like to live in a day we want our children to grow up in.  A day we are proud of!


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